August 11, 2023
Interim Executive Solutions

Supporting and strengthening the nonprofit sector
Interim Executive Solutions helps organizations increase their productivity and impact

By Michelle Xiarhos Curran
ECCF Communications Writer

In the last year alone, Interim Executive Solutions (IES), a management consulting firm that offers professional temporary leadership and transition consulting services for the nonprofit sector, has helped more than 60 organizations navigate times of change.

Based in Newton, but serving clients across the northeast, IES matches nonprofits with interim executives that provide sound, objective leadership during times of transition, improving operations and building capacity to attract ideal permanent candidates in the process.

“We have a network of more than 90 seasoned executives with skills to help nonprofits as they face specific challenges and plan for the future,” said IES Managing Partner David Harris. “Of course, the ultimate goal is to support the organization’s transition to permanent leadership dedicated to the organization’s mission, vision and long-term stability.”

IES executives professionals work as interim executive directors, COOs and CFOs to strengthen nonprofit operations, build the capacity of staff, increase sustainability, clarify a vision and prepare organizations for a new leader.

Clients in Essex County have included the Beverly Affordable Housing Coalition, Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Link House, Wellspring House and many more.

“[Interim Executive Solutions’] COO’s work was integral to helping us improve our revenue stream and operations overall,” said one nonprofit client recently.

Like ECCF, IES believes that times of change – whether planned or unplanned – also present opportunities.

“A transition in leadership can provide the chance to reengage your staff and board, to reaffirm your organization’s mission and talk openly about what’s essential to achieving that mission,” said Harris.

IES is led by four partners, each with extensive experience as a leader in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. They support their interim executives throughout their engagement with the firm’s nonprofit clients and further support the sector by matching the charitable donations – up to $1,000 – that their associates make to those clients.

“We believe in supporting our clients and our associates who are on the ground working with those clients,” said Harris.

Interim Executive Solutions also recently joined ECCF as a Corporate Partner.

“We admire the way ECCF brings their community of nonprofits together to learn from each other and to share their experiences,” said Harris. “While missions may differ, the fundamentals of running a high-impact nonprofit are similar and, by working together, the nonprofit community can be greater than the sum of its parts.”

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