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nextgen philanthropy

Empowering rising generations of philanthropic leaders and changemakers in Essex County

The NextGen Philanthropy initiative aims to engage rising generations of changemakers and expand the concept of philanthropy to encompass more diverse forms of giving including intellectual capital, professional expertise, and lived experience.

ECCF and the NextGen steering committee are committed to empowering multiple new generations of philanthropists with inclusive, diverse and accessible resources and experiences so they can play a role in supporting the health, sustainability and resiliency of our communities.

Adults of the Millennial and GenX generations as well as youth in grades K-8 are invited to participate in programming designed to inspire meaningful connections and greater local philanthropic impact.

youth philanthropy initiative

Connecting young people with age-appropriate experiential giving and volunteer opportunities.

Click here for Fall 2022 Youth Philanthopy Opportunities.

purpose parties

Social gatherings for Millennial and Gen X Adults who are inspired to get more involved in our local community but don’t know where to start or what opportunities exist. Purpose parties elevate local data and provide networking and leadership development opportunities.

nextlevel hackathons 

Take a deep dive and explore specific social challenges facing the residents of Essex County by participating in a high-energy “hackathon.” Designed for 21+ Gen Z’ers, Millennials and Gen X’ers, a NextLevel Hackathon is a social event that gives people with a passion for collaborative problem-solving the opportunity to:

  • Mingle with likeminded individuals.
  • Get details and data on a topical social issue.
  • Hear from relevant nonprofits about their systems and work.
  • Collaborate with peers and nonprofit leaders to brainstorm ideas on how philanthropy can support long-term solutions.

Fun fact: A “hackathon,” a Silicon Valley portmanteau of “hacker” and “marathon,” is often used by groups of software developers and coders to collaborate intensively, over a short period of time, on an innovative project.

past nextgen events

NextGen event with Ellen Sabin, Author of "The Giving Book"
We all want to teach our children how to make the world a better place. We want them to recognize when someone is in need and that they have the power to help. Most important, we want our kids to understand that when they give – time, money or just a simple kindness – they also receive. Engaging youth in charitable work builds character, strengthens communities and serves others.
ECCF, in collaboration with Brookwood School, partnered with Ms. Sabin to lead a unique and interactive session meant to engage parents and teachers in ways that help children understand the importance and value of giving.
NextGen event with Ron Lieber, New York Time columnist and best-selling author
Ron Lieber, New York Times columnist and best-selling author of The Opposite of Spoiled, lead an interactive session on how, when, and why to talk to kids about money and engaging them in philanthropy.  He offered concrete tools and examples to help us think about how money and philanthropy help shape our children into compassionate, thriving adults.


NextGen Purpose Parties

April 28, 2022 | Cape Ann Museum Green

NextGen’s Purpose Parties are geared towards Millennial and Gen X Adults who are inspired to get more involved in our local community but don’t know where to start or what opportunities exist. Purpose Parties are a time to enjoy food, cocktails, and connect with others who are passionate about philanthropy in Essex County.


Youth Philanthropy Events

April 2-10, 2022

ECCF’s NexGen Initiative aims to empower our rising generations to be impactful changemakers in Essex County. Youth will get a chance to have meaningful, fun, COVID-safe community service experiences with organizations in Essex County, donating a small sum of money (funded by ECCF) to local nonprofits to support work in the community, and connecting local families and kids with GREAT work in our own community! See our one-pager to learn more!



NextLevel Hackathon Events

September 16, 2022 | The Essex County Food Ecosystem



By working with rising generations, we aim to create an authentic pipeline of doers with a cross-section of talents who will care for Essex County for today, and for the future.

This work is being led by an expanded committee of diverse and passionate community leaders that come from every corner of Essex County. The committee is being co-chaired by Eric Immerman of Salem and Kathryn Price of Lynnfield.

nextgen steering committee

John Andrews | Salem
Anne Barker | Wenham
Liz Bradley | Swampscott
Sunil Gulab | Lynn
Eric Immerman (co-chair) | Salem
Matt Kirschner | Swampscott
Katy Langhorst | Beverly
Adriana Moschella | Lynn
Kathryn Price (co-chair) | Lynnfield
Blair Steck | Wenham
Doneeca Thurston | Lynn
Brendan Ward | Nahant
Carol Lavoie Schuster | ECCF

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