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Community Events

For Essex County community members

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September 27 | Essex County Arts & Culture Summit


The Cabot | Beverly, MA

The 2024 Arts & Culture Summit will be a day to celebrate the artists and creators working every day to make Essex County more vibrant and more resilient. We’ve planned a full day, all dedicated to the emerging trends and collective challenges that are being experienced in Essex County.

Together, we’ll be inspired by the innovative work happening across the region and learn from leaders in the sector whose creative practices, experience, dedication and insight are making an impact. 


Harold Steward, Executive Director, New England Foundation for the Arts
Vin Cipolla, Executive Director, Historic New England
Emily Ruddock, Executive Director, MassCreative
Andrew Zitcer, Director Urban Strategies Graduate Program, Drexel University
January Gill O’Neil, poet
Dariana Guerrero, spoken word 
uBuyile Toyvo Narwele, dance
Loida Love Dominguez and Nicholas, music
Cultura Latina, dance

November 13 | 25th Anniversary Celebration

Evening Event

Danversport | 161 Elliott St. | Danvers, MA

More details about this special event will be available in the coming months. We hope that you’ll save a spot on your calendar to celebrate with us in November. 

Professional Advisor Events

For Professional Advisors in Essex County and Beyond

Opportunities to network with peers and exchange ideas.

June 18 | Professional Advisors Network


Teresa’s Italian Eatery | 149 South Main Street | Middleton, MA

What is the Professional Advisor Network?

The Professional Advisor Network (PAN) at ECCF is a community of financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other professional advisors committed to increasing charitable giving in the community. The goal is to create a network that can work collaboratively to offer clients a more holistic experience in planning for the future of their finances.

As a member of ECCF’s Professional Advisor Network, you’ll benefit from:

EDUCATION. Gain exclusive access to curated resources and newsletters, filled with tips and advice that increase your knowledge and make your services more valuable to clients.

ENGAGEMENT. Seasonal networking events will bring you together with a diverse group of peers who want to share and discuss ideas, challenges and opportunities.

ENACTING CHANGE. Through collaboration, you’ll drive positive results in your business and help make Essex County a better place for tomorrow.



Fundholder Events

For local funders and ECCF Fundholders

Join ECCF and fellow fundholders.

Stay tuned for any upcoming events.

Nonprofit Events

For nonprofit organizations 

Join ECCF and connect with partners in the nonprofit space.

Nextgen Events

For Essex County community members

NextLevel events engage Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X adults who have a passion for supporting all Essex County residents, problem-solving, collaborating with like-minded peers and creating systemic solutions. Participants “idea hack”, in a high-energy challenge, existing systems within a specific topic area and work together to create long-term solutions for participating Essex County nonprofits. These events are designed for anyone interested in “outside of the box” collaborative problem solving, legislators and leaders within the topic area.

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