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eccf staff

Beth Francis headshot

Beth Francis

President & CEO

b.francis@eccf.org | ext. 125

Crystal Bates headshot

Crystal Bates

Director of Development and Communications

c.bates@eccf.org | ext. 121

Hehershe Busuego headshot

Hehershe Busuego

Senior Program Officer

h.busuego@eccf.org | ext. 128

Andrea Castaño headshot

Andrea Castaño

Fund Administration Coordinator

a.castano@eccf.org | ext. 143

Rick Crowley headshot

Rick Crowley

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Curran headshot

Michelle Xiarhos Curran

Communications Writer, Storyteller

m.curran@eccf.org | ext. 142

Nicole Demars headshot

Nicole Demars

Communications and Marketing Specialist

n.demars@eccf.org | ext. 129

Joan Henkels headshot

Joan Henkels

Donor Services Officer

j.henkels@eccf.org | ext. 139

Stacey Landry headshot

Stacey Landry

Director of Gift Planning & Advisor Relations

s.landry@eccf.org | ext. 122

Stratton Lloyd headshot

Stratton Lloyd

COO and Vice President for Community Leadership

s.lloyd@eccf.org | ext. 126

Keri-Ann Miserandino headshot

Keri-Ann Miserandino

Administrative Assistant

k.miserandino@eccf.org | ext. 130

Michelle Pelletier headshot

Michelle Pelletier

Finance Manager

m.pelletier@eccf.org | ext. 144

Karen Ristuben headshot

Karen Ristuben

Program Director, Creative County Initiative


Carol Lavoie Schuster headshot

Carol Lavoie Schuster

Vice President for Grants, Nonprofit and Donor Services

c.lavoieschuster@eccf.org | ext. 133

Rebecca Turner headshot

Rebecca Turner

IFT Consultant


eccf board of trustees 

Stephen P. Cohen headshot

Steven P. Cohen

Community Volunteer

John D. Colucci headshot

Ana Colmenero

Community Volunteer

John D. Colucci headshot

John D. Colucci

Chairman of the Board

McLane Middleton

Robert R. Fanning, Jr. headshot

Robert R. Fanning, Jr.

Finance Committee Chair
Northeast Health Systems (retired)

Robert P. Goldman headshot

Robert P. Goldman

Bob Goldman Law LLP

Robert C. Gore headshot

Robert C. Gore

Towers Perrin  (retired)

Allan W. Huntley headshot

Allan W. Huntley

Audit Committee Chair

Human-Centered Apps

Moira McNamara James headshot

Moira McNamara James

Development Committee Chair

Community Volunteer

Ben Langille headshot

Ben Langille

Affiliated Managers Group

Liz Moulton headshot

Liz Moulton

Spencer Stuart

Christine Ortiz headshot

Christine Ortiz

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Derek Reed headshot

Derek Reed

Beauport Financial Services

Jim A. Rullo headshot

Jim A. Rullo

Investment Committee Chair
Wellington Management Company (retired)

Pamela Carrington Scott headshot

Pamela Carrington Scott

LVCC, Inc.

Richard L. Sumberg headshot

Richard L. Sumberg

Governance Committee Chair

The Financial Advisors, LLC

Jean Verbridge headshot

Jean Verbridge

SV Design

Richard Yagjian headshot

Richard Yagjian

Hunt’s Photo & Video

Anita Rajan Worden headshot

Anita Rajan Worden

Grants Committee Chair

Lightspeed Energy, LLC

county leadership council

This special group of donors, residing and working in different regions across Essex County, volunteer their time to advise ECCF on important topics and strategies. Their local knowledge and individual expertise increase the impact of our work.

Karen Andreas
Karen Ansara
Ryan Barrett
Polly Beyer
Scott Beyer
Leila Blodgett
Jennifer Borggaard
Joan Brooks
Tom Burger
John Byrnes
Mollie Byrnes
Chrissy Cahill
Josh Cahill
Diane Connolly
Kevin Connolly
Naomi Dalessandro
Matt Doring
Linda Durkin
Tom Durkin

Jennifer Eddy
Tom Eddy
Patricia Gentile
Joseph Giso
Lane Glenn
Edith Pepper Goltra
Jack Good
Susan Gray
Bonnie Henry
David Henry
Paul Heggarty
Tricia Herring
Jim Horrocks
Bob Howell
Ralph James
Mathew Jensen
Courtney Kagan
John Keenan
Katie King

Amy Kingman
Andrew Kingman
Joe Knowles
Alex Lamb
Natasha Lamb
Holly Langer
Michelle Langille
Kiame Mahaniah
Bill Masterson
Sandy McGrath
Cynthia McGurren
Colleen McMillan
Tim Murnane
Jean Nichols
Bernadette Orr
Brian Patrican
Jon Payson
Jennifer Perkin
Chat Reynders

Rebecca Riff
Julie Riordan
Pat Riordan
Andree Robert
Gary Romano
Jim Rose
Julie Rose
Jackie Rosenthal
Mary Sarris
Betsy Shields
Gary Sidell
Derek Smith
Greg Smith
Rebecca Oldfield Smith
Carolyn Stewart
Kevin Tierney
David Turnbull
Jen Field Whitman

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