place-based impact investing

an exploration of innovative, social impact financing for essex county

what is place-based impact investing?

Place-based impact investing refers to the local deployment of impact capital – that is, investments made with the intent to yield both financial and social and/or environmental returns — to address the needs of marginalized communities. (Urban Institute)

what does place-based impact investing look like in a community?

Read an example of how place-based impact investing works to support community need.

A local food nonprofit receives a $400,000 state reimbursement grant for a food workforce development program that includes local sourcing of food, training and production of meals for marginalized families. But the grant will be paid out only after the organization has spent the money up front. A short-term $400,000 impact investment will enable the nonprofit to immediately implement critical programming that improves food security for area residents. And it provides the investor, who cares about the resiliency of their community, with a guaranteed payback at a negotiated rate of return.

place-based impact investing in essex county

ECCF’s exploration of innovative, social impact financing for our region

Over the last year, ECCF has been examining ways to connect investors with community-based, social impact investment opportunities that will contribute to the equitable economic development of Essex County. An exploration of the local marketplace has revealed that our region already has the necessary elements to build a vibrant impact investing ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to serve as a hub that inspires funders and investors, connects them with social impact opportunities and invites community stakeholders on a journey of continuous learning.

To support this vision, ECCF and Impact Finance Center will host a series of events for funders, investors, nonprofits and social innovators to learn, connect and explore the possibilities together. Please check back in the fall 2024 for more details. We hope you’ll join us to continue learning about impact investing together.

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