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As your clients consider how to turn their success into significance, ECCF works as your trusted philanthropic partner to help you maximize your clients’ desired impact in the community while also achieving beneficial tax outcomes.  

Our team supports both experienced and emerging advisors and donors. We offer a variety of resources, giving options, and individualized guidance to help you support your clients’ charitable giving goals.

How ECCF can help you support your clients' charitable giving goals:
  • We work with you and your clients to match their giving goals with the right type of charitable fund.
  • We can receive a variety of assets including gifts of cash and securities as well as non-cash gifts like IRA distributions, life insurance, real estate, and personal property.
  • We offer professionally managed Investment Options to help charitable assets grow.
  • With a deep knowledge of local challenges and nonprofits we can help guide your clients’ giving to make a difference that is meaningful.
  • We can help you start or elevate the conversation about charitable giving with your clients.

advisor managed fund (AMF)

Donors establishing a fund of $100,000 or more can choose to recommend their investment advisor to provide oversight of their charitable fund. This allows donors to maintain the relationship with their investment advisor while accessing ECCF’s philanthropic resources and expertise. 

How it works

The Advisor Managed Fund is available for donors who establish a fund of $100,000 or more with ECCF, who want to utilize the investment management services of their preferred advisor. At the donor’s request, and upon approval through our application process, advisors will manage the investment of charitable assets (in alignment with your client’s preferences and within ECCF’s Investment Policy) and we will provide charitable fund administration and philanthropic services.

Primary benefits
  • Donor creates a charitable fund aligned with their philanthropic goals and interests
  • Advisor retains investment oversight and direction of the charitable fund
  • Charitable fund assets and investment fees are maintained by the advisor
  • Donors have access to ECCF’s personalized donor services team for grantmaking support
  • Donors can contribute to the fund over time with a wide variety of assets

professional advisor committee (PAC)

The Professional Advisor Committee (PAC) advocates for and advises ECCF as we cultivate and grow trusted relationships with advisors in Essex County. The PAC also shares ideas and experiences with charitable giving, exchanges resources, and actively helps ECCF establish new relationships with financial advisors, tax professionals, and estate planning attorneys who serve clients in Essex County.

To learn more about how you can get involved, contact Stacey Landry s.landry@eccf.org or 978-777-8876 x122.

helpful tools

A series of short videos to walk you through partnering with ECCF.

making connections

A series of short conversations with professional advisors in Essex County around the topic of strategic philanthropy. Learn more about the series.

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Bob Goldman, Bob Goldman Law

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Matt Schroeder, Great Point Wealth Advisors, LLC

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Dianne Brand, The Financial Advisors


According to this recent study, the vast majority of high net worth individuals give to charity, and many feel that philanthropy is an important aspect of their wealth experience. These individuals are also increasingly relying on professional advisors for support with their charitable activity.

“ For estate planning clients looking for a vehicle for streamlined giving, Essex County Community Foundation is the answer. Their knowledge and expertise gives donors an easy and enjoyable way to reach their charitable giving goals.”


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