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ECCF’s unique Systems Philanthropy approach to change invests philanthropic dollars in collaborative, community-based initiatives tackling root causes of systemic social issues and making sustainable, population-level change.

Systems Philanthropy is a new kind of philanthropy that compliments the responsive nature of traditional giving. It is grounded in three main components:

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Impactessexcounty.org, ECCF’s county indicator website, maps 100+ data points tracking quality of life across the region and provides the foundational analytics for our community leadership work.

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community aligned

The voice of the community is embraced through strategic convening and collaborating to identify and amplify good work already happening.

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ECCF is an engaged partner in the work, providing ongoing strategic support and greater financial resources to support long-term goals and deliver lasting outcomes.

systems philanthropy

impact by the numbers

ECCF is continuously learning, shaping, and sharing gained insights from our systems approach to social change. To date, we are encouraged to see increased impact.

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invested in systems-based community leadership initiatives

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individuals directly supported by systems-change efforts

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organizations collaborating to address root causes of our most challenging issues

ECCF’s community leadership work is powered by contributions from our generous community.

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Community Foundations Can Help With Charity

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY NORTH OF BOSTON MEDIA GROUP By Beth Francis The historic events that have taken place over the last 18 months have influenced the role businesses play as catalysts for social reform in our communities. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and...

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“The partnership between our five Community Action Agencies that has developed over the past two years is truly a testament to systems work. When crisis struck during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to hit the ground running to support our clients.  There is a rhythm, a trust, and a true working relationship that is not born overnight.  We were hoping that the financial literacy program would create a system change — did it ever.”

-Kerri Perry, Community Action, Inc.
Empowering Economic Opportunity partner

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