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As a donor or a fund advisor, we are honored to partner with you in your charitable giving. The information below will help you manage your fund and serve as a resource for your grantmaking.

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managing your fund

Our goal is to make your grantmaking easy and rewarding. We are a small but responsive staff, and we are here to help you with any questions you have about the grantmaking process.

Donor Portal

ECCF’s Donor Portal provides you access to fund balances, quarterly statements, your grantmaking history and is a convenient resource for making grant recommendations.

Each fund at ECCF is provided a Fund Advisor Portal login. When you open your fund you’ll receive and email with access to the portal and you can choose your custom password.

advisor changes

Fundholders find it necessary at times to change the fund’s advisors.  All changes must be made in writing from the donor to ECCF.

adding to your fund

You or other donors may add to the fund at any time. ECCF accepts donations via check, stock or wire and online donations. All gifts of $250 or more will receive a tax letter from ECCF. For donations under $250, the IRS accepts a cancelled check as proof of the donation.

donation page

Fund holders are invited to have a donation page that is linked through Please contact your relationship manager for details. 


We are happy to accept donations of the proceeds of fundraising events. However, donors will not receive tax benefits unless donations are made directly to the fund.  For Field of Interest Funds only, contact an ECCF staff member to see fundraising guidelines on allowable expenses.


stock transfer

Gifts of stock and other securities have many advantages. Please contact us for instructions for how to contribute securities. 

end of the year giving
December 15 Stock Transfer Deadline Initiate electronic transfers or have physical certificates delivered to ECCF. 
December 22 Grant-Making Deadline Process year-end grants for calendar year 2023 from the Fund Advisor Portal at ECCF
December 31 Contribution Deadline
Recognize and record contribution revenue to calendar year 2023, contributions must be dated and postmarked on or before December 31, 2023.


estate plans

Your fund is a great mechanism to continue supporting charitable causes beyond your lifetime. A fund can be included in a will or designated for memorial gifts in your honor. Your fund may also be listed as the beneficiary of a retirement fund or transferred to an endowed fund upon your death so that designated charities will continue to receive gifts in your name in perpetuity.

To learn more, contact Stacey Landry, Director of Gift Planning and Advisor Relation,s at (978) 777-8876 x122 or

gift acceptance

grantmaking resources

nonprofit directory

ECCF is pleased to help donors elevate their giving and connect with causes they care about by providing access to this nonprofit directory. And of course, ECCF staff members are always just a phone call away should a fundholder need guidance or direction in identifying and connecting with nonprofits.

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Recommend a grant, see your fund balance, quarterly statement, grant making history and more.

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