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Column: New collaboration will help increase internet access across Essex County

Column: New collaboration will help increase internet access across Essex County

As chief program officer of nonprofit North Shore Community Development Coalition (CDC), Felicia Pierce meets many Essex County residents who lack some of life’s most basic necessities, including access to the internet. According to a recent report commissioned by ECCF, nearly 60,000 households in Essex County do not have access to a high-speed internet connection, a service that surpassed being a “nice-to-have” a long time ago.

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Letter: Supporting efforts for digital literacy

The Daily News’ April 12 editorial, “Bridging the digital divide,” shines a critical spotlight on the impact of the digital divide in communities north of Boston, and the work of organizations like the Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF), which is convening a broad-based effort to provide residents with the digital devices, internet connectivity, and skills training they need to participate in our increasingly digital world.

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What’s Happening with ECCF

On April 8, 2021, George Binns hosted ECCF’s Stratton Lloyd and Kate Machet on “What’s Happening in Beverly MA” to discuss the background and activities of ECCF with emphasis on the Digital Divide/Equity.

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Our View: Bridging the digital divide

COLUMN IN THE EAGLE TRIBUNE SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE IN THE EAGLE TRIBUNE HERE. If we didn’t lead digital lives before the pandemic, we certainly do now. We’ve been to class and work from our kitchen tables. We’ve visited with grandchildren and gone to the doctor on Zoom....

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