May 15, 2019
Second Annual Funders Summit Gathers Local Philanthropists | Press Release

On May 14, 2019, nearly 50 area funders gathered at Danversport to join Essex County Community Foundation, Philanthropy Massachusetts and the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation for the 2nd Annual Funders Summit.

This year’s summit focused on the topic of education and the intersection between education and other social issues. Attendees had the opportunity to join in a discussion grounded in education-related data from ECCF’s indicators platform,  Impact Essex County, learn about both existing and prospective funding efforts in the region and explore opportunities to coordinate efforts, co-fund initiatives and work together to improve the quality of life for residents of Essex County.

It was a terrific morning filled with meaningful discussion, collaboration and networking.

ECCF Convenes Community Leaders to Discuss Essex County’s Digital Divide

ECCF Convenes Community Leaders to Discuss Essex County’s Digital Divide

Across Essex County, one out of every five households lacks a basic computer. Approximately 160,000 residents live without high-speed internet access. But the digital divide – the gap between those with access to technology and those without – runs much deeper than hardware and broadband.

Creating Change by Investing in People

As a society, we invest in roads and buildings, in water and electric systems because they are vital to our economic development and prosperity. So are people. But do we invest effectively in our human infrastructure?

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