June 3, 2024
Landscape Planners, Inc.

Landscape company grows community, one garden, one example at a time

The owners of Landscape Planners, Inc., believe that businesses play a crucial role in building a strong community.

For starters, the Wenham-based company designs, maintains and restores gorgeous outdoor spaces for the environs of New England for both residential and commercial customers. And if you’ve ever visited Shore Country Day School in Beverly, The Governor’s Academy in Newbury or New England Biolabs – set on a 250-acre campus in Ipswich with endless, diverse gardens and landscapes – you’ve likely marveled at some aspect of the Mulry family’s handiwork.

“Our philosophy is that a garden is an opportunity to study and learn from nature,” said Winslow Mulry, one of three brothers that runs the landscaping company that their mother, Helen Mulry, has owned since 1988.

But in addition to creating eye-catching gardens for our communities to enjoy, over the course of their 35-year history, Landscape Planners has also supported the community through charitable giving. They’ve donated to educational and horticultural organizations, and a number of other community-based programs. The company’s volunteer efforts have been centered around environmental endeavors, such as garden clubs, rehabbing veterans memorials and Arbor and Earth Day events.

With an interest in learning, growing and sharing knowledge, Landscape Planners also has an extensive list of nature, gardening and environmental memberships and affiliations, including the Ipswich Watershed Association, the New England Wildflower Society, the Northeast Organic Farming Association, the Massachusetts Arborists Association and dozens more.

“My perspective is that the business sector’s job is to serve as a role model for the greater community, its employees, other corporations and, ultimately, the citizenry,” said Winslow Mulry, who also serves as the Tree Warden for the town of Wenham.

To continue in that spirit of serving the community, this year, after hearing about ECCF from a friend, Landscape Planners joined the foundation as a Corporate Partner. Winslow said the inspiration to build a strong community stems from the strength of his close-knit family.

“By our own definition, community starts with family,” said Winslow. “It’s been a challenge to work closely with family members for 35 years. The work to continue running a company doesn’t stop after a

normal workday. It doesn’t take holidays or weekends off and it filters into our relationships with

other family members. It’s made us a stronger family and I hope that’s helped us to contribute and help nurture a stronger, more resilient community.”

“Again, it comes down to leading by example,” he added.

To learn more about Landscape Planners, Inc., and to view photos of their work, visit www.landscapeplanners.us.


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