calder classics scholarship fund

Calder Classics believes deeply in Equity in Educational Opportunity and has raised funds for scholarship students since inception in 2012.

The Fund raises tax-deductible donations to fund tuition and travel expenses for qualified high school students selected jointly with our partner organizations to attend Calder Classics educational programs focusing on the history, languages, literature, art, and architecture of antiquity, as well as creative writing inspired by these topics. Our partner organizations upon the founding of the Fund are Prep for Prep (“Prep”) and Squash and Education Alliance (“SEA”), both 501c3 organizations where Calder Classics has long-established and close relationships. The Fund uses its proceeds to make charitible contributions to Prep and SEA to fund the participation of their students in Calder Classics programs. Other 501c3 organizations serving high school students likely to benefit from Calder Classics educational experiences may be added in the future.

The potentially life-changing benefits of an educational travel experience for high school students are well-known and Calder Classics has seen them first hand as their talented alumni have gone on to attend an impressive list of institutions of higher education. However, the increasing cost of international travel has moved the financial burden of these experiences beyond all but the most privileged students. Therefore Calder Classics, committed to providing these opportunities to diverse students, is increasing efforts to fund deserving, but non-financially privileged students chosen in conjunction with our partner organizations serving this segment of the high school student population.