andover coalition for education

ACE partners with the Andover Public Schools to support innovative, curriculum-enhancing, system-wide initiatives that will inspire our students to succeed in facing today’s global challenges.

ACE’s privately-funded initiatives are distinct from the annual school budget; ACE helps provide resources so that the district can launch and grow new programming to best serve Andover’s students.

As a charitable fund, ACE welcomes general donations from the community at any time. In addition, ACE holds two core events. In October, ACE hosts an annual Scarecrow Festival in which scarecrows created by community organizations line downtown Andover. As part of the festival, families may purchase a pumpkin to support ACE and to help grow their school’s pumpkin patch.

In May and June, ACE holds a Teacher Tribute Program. Families may recognize any member of the school community — a teacher, aide, custodian, staff member or administrator — and their contribution to their student’s education. Your honoree (or honorees) will receive a personalized card including your name and, if you wish, a personal message along with a message from ACE explaining you donated in appreciation of their efforts. The amount of the donation remains private.