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ECCF supports a family of passionate and generous donor funds all committed to making Essex County, and the world, a better place. Use the search function below to learn more about or donate to any of our funds.  Funds are listed with permission from the donor.

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eccf funds

Name of Fund


0219 Fund
1115 Fund
82491 Fund
Adam B. Bassi Memorial Fund Donate Page
Ahern Family Charitable Trust
Alacoque-Weber Trust Fund for Catholic Education
Alexander S. and Mary B. McGrath
Alice M. Hornsey Fund
AllBlue FoundationDonate Page
Amesbury Carriage Museum
Amesbury Carriage Museum Educational Endowment
Amanda P. Craig Fund
Andover ABC Loan Reduction Scholarship
Andover Coalition for Education FundDonate Page
Andrews Chapel Restoration FundDonate Page
Ansara Fund for Essex County
ASD Fund
Astle-Tory Broadhow Fund
Ayer Mill Clock Tower FundDonate Page
Barbara H. Almy Fund
Beauport Financial's Richard D Wilson Community Response Gift Fund
Bellissimo Family Fund
Better Together Genesis Fund
BEYOND Scholarship FundDonate Page
Bishop Family Fund
Blodgett-Maynard Family Fund
Bluefin Blowout
Bob Goldman Law FundDonate Page
Bowditch Fund
Brand Fund
Brendan Tobin Memorial FundDonate Page
Buddies for Buddies Fund
Build a Bridge Scholarship Fund
Cape Ann Forum International Awareness
CCS Fund
Centerville Improvement Society Fund
Caldwell Fund
Catherine Gunn Giving Fund
Charity Girls NEMADonate Page
Charles and Dorothy Maes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Chet and Will Griswold Suicide Prevention FundDonate Page
Christian Angel Smile FundDonate Page
Christine C Price Breast Cancer Fund
Clark Smith Fund
Cohen Climate FundDonate Page
Cloven Rock Fund
Colleen Ritzer and Step Up for Colleen FundDonate Page
Colucci Family Charitable FundDonate Page
Community Giving Tree General Fund
Copelas Family Fund
Corinne (Morris) Johnson Scholarship Fund
Cove Hill Fund
Creative County InititativeDonate Page
CST Science Scholarship FundDonate Page
David E. Duffy Memorial Scholarship
David Tory Fund
David & Mary R. Dearborn Fund
David & Susan Turnbull Fund
David Welbourn Fund for Innovation and Collaboration
DCS Fund
Diane Avery Weggel R. S. O. Opportunity Fund
D&P Gleason Charitable Fund
DRC Nonprofit Reserve Fund
Driftwood Fund
EA Family Fund
Eamon O'Holleran Fund
Ernest J. Perry Scholarship FundDonate Page
Essex Art Center Founders Fund
Essex County COVID-19 Response FundDonate Page
Essex County Digital Equity FundDonate Page
Essex County Forum Fund
ESMV Board Designated Fund
Evelyn Lily Lutz Foundation Fund
F1rst Jobs FundDonate Page
Farnsworth Fund
Fink Family Fund
For The Underdog Donate Page
Francis Family FundDonate Page
Francis X. Alice (Dorman) Hogan Family Scholarship Fund
The French Family Fund
Friends of Abbott Lawrence Academy
Friends of Andover Tennis Fund
Friends of Anne Bradstreet
Friends of Drew Foundation
Friends of LCA Capital Campaign Fund
Friends of the Swampscott Rail TrailDonate Page
Fund for Excellence in Essex County
Fund for Lawrence Public Schools Receivership and Turnaround PlanDonate Page
Gabriel Pacione Memorial Scholarship FundDonate Page
Gates-Robertson Fund
George H. Carleton FundDonate Page
George McQuinn Memorial Foundation
Giangrande Family Scholarship FundDonate Page
Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Fund
Goodwin Wragg Land Stewardship Endowment Fund
The Goodies Fund
Gore Family Charitable Fund
Greater Lawrence Community FundDonate Page
Greater Lawrence Summer FundDonate Page
Greater Newburyport Fund for the Blind
Gregory and Deborah Schmidt Charitable Fund
Harborlight-Stoneridge Biolabs Scholarship Fund
Harborlight-Stoneridge Endowment Fund
Haverhill Promise Fund for Grade Level Reading Donate Page
Headlands Fund
Helen & David Tory Fund
Help in the Nick of Time FundDonate Page
HeroGuards FundDonate Page
Impact Essex County: Empowering Economic OpportunityDonate Page
Impact Essex County Endowment FundDonate Page
Inspire to Act Fund
Ipswich Men’s Golf Association Scholarship Fund
Isabella Rose Marino Charitable FundDonate Page
James Carew FoundationDonate Page
James Family Scholarship Fund
James and Julia Rose Fund
Jacob J. Burridge Scholarship
James H. Boynton Scholarship Fund
JCH Fund
Jensen Wakefield Fund
JEOL Families Scholarship Fund
Jodoin Fund
John T Schroeder Memorial Scholarship FundDonate Page
John Welch Productions FundDonate Page
Joseph R. and Margaret M. Doherty Memorial Fund
Josh Quince Fund for Adolescent Services
The Johnson Fund
JTS Memorial FundDonate Page
Judith Jenkins Fund
The Judy Bailey Fund Donate Page
Katannah SailingDonate Page
Katelyn M. Caruso Scholarship FundDonate Page
Kenneth Waldie Memorial FundDonate Page
Kenney Family Fund
Kimberly and John Lee Charitable Fund
Knapp Family Fund
Koumarianos Family Fund
Krueger Family Fund
Langhorst Family Fund
Langille Family Fund
Larry Keating Memorial FundDonate Page
Lawrence Emergency FundDonate Page
Lawrence High School Alumni AssociationDonate Page
Lawrence Public Schools College & Career
LCW Reserve Fund
Levenson Fund for Community Giving Tree
LHM 2022 Endowment Fund
Link House Inc.
Lupoli Family FundDonate Page
LWAG Charitable Foundation
Margaret Voss Howard Teacher Recognition Award Fund
Mary H. Paolino Scholarship Fund
McCoy Family Fund
McKenna Family Fund
Michael Erekson and Maureen Schwartz Memorial Fund
Michael J. Latta EMS Scholarship FundDonate Page
Merck-Evarts Fund
Merrimac Heights Academy Fund
Merrimack Valley General Fund (now the Greater Lawrence Community Fund)Donate Page
Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund
Mount Blue Fund
Myopia Hunt Club Caddie Scholarship FundDonate Page
NAGLY Reserve Fund
Nancamp FundDonate Page
National Lancers' Guard Anniversary Fund
Neighbors in Need Endowment Fund
Nelson - O'Neil Charitable Fund
NextGen Philanthropy Initiative FundDonate Page
Next Systems Change Initiative Fund
Niben Point Fund
Nicole Lemieux Knight Scholarship FundDonate Page
NiSource Charitable Foundation Fund for Merrimack Valley
North Andover Historical Society Reserve Fund
North Shore Community Health Network Fund
North Shore Technology Council (NSTC) Scholarship FundDonate Page
NorthShore Workforce Development Fund
Ocean River Institute FundDonate Page
Owl Tree Charitable Trust
One Run for Boston Fund
O'Dowd Sullivan LHS Scholarship Fund
PAWS Project FoundationDonate Page
Patricia Foley Karl (PFK) Scholarship FundDonate Page
Pelican Intervention FundDonate Page
The Peredna Family Scholarship Fund
Peter and Kathleen Van Demark Fund
Peter B. Seamans FundDonate Page
Peter N. Stavru and Angelo Stavru Scholarship Fund
Peter Watson Memorial Scholarship FundDonate Page
Pritchard Fund
Rawlins Family Fund
Rebecca R. Gibbs Memorial Charitable Fund Donate Page
Reid Sacco AYA Cancer FundDonate Page
Reid R. Sacco Memorial Scholarship FundDonate Page
Richard J. Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rick Starkweather Scholarship FundDonate Page
R.J. Weggel Fund for the Friends of the Middlesex Fells ReservationDonate Page
Rockport Community Land Trust Donate Page
Rockport Millbrook Meadow FundDonate Page
Ronald C Cutraro ‘Mr C’ Scholarship Fund
Ronald & Kathleen Argenzio Memorial
Rosman Family Fund
Ross M. 'Skip' Kolhonen Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Hamilton WenhamDonate Page
Ruth E. Brown Scholarship
Rullo Family Donor Advised Fund
Rullo Family Scholarship Fund
Ryan J. Dudley's Legacy FundDonate Page
S.E.A. Fund
S.W. Fund
Sam and Molly Fund
Santa’s Workshop Fund
Seaside Sustainability Reserve Fund
Season of Advent Fund
Seger Family Fund
Sendzimir Family Fund
Sib Hashian Scholarship FundDonate Page
Sherry and Will Rogers Family Fund
Skip & Shirley LaBrie Scholarship FundDonate Page
Solstice Singers Scholarship FundDonate Page
Spark Academy FundDonate Page
Spater Family Fund
Stand for Good FundDonate Page
Steven and Harriet Perlman Fund
Steven P. and Joan F. Rosenthal Fund
Sumberg Family Fund
Stirling A. Winder Fund
Teresa Hopper LaChance Scholarship Fund
The Erickson Family Fund
The Gennaco Family Fund
The Lenden Immerman Fund
The Jud and Tina Lane Giving Fund
The MacLeod Family Donor Advised Fund
The Mockingbird Foundation Reserve Fund
The Poseidon Fund
The ProjectHere Fund
The Steel Root Scholarship Fund Donate Page
Tosi Family Fund
T & S Fund
Ugo and Katherine San Antonio-Marcello Scholarship FundDonate Page
VIYA FundDonate Page
von Metzsch Family Fund
Wasserman Fund
Webster Legacy Fund
Webster Scholarship Fund
Women's Fund of Essex CountyDonate Page
Worden Family Foundation
Yes She Will
Youth at Risk Fund

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