Lawrence Emergency Fund

Jul 1, 2020

Lawrence emergency fund

Creating a coordinated disaster relief fund

On September 18, 2009, Mayor Michael Sullivan partnered with the Charles C. Pringle Foundation to establish a fund at ECCF to provide a mechanism that could respond rapidly to urgent needs during times of emergency.

Lawrence, Massachusetts has a long and proud history as a city of immigrants. It has also had a history of disasters beginning with a fire that destroyed the Pemberton Mill in 1860. More recently, in June 2006, Lawrence experienced a devastating flood that hit Eastern Massachusetts and particularly affected the Merrimack Valley. Then in January 2007, a raging fire left 20 families homeless. Each time the city pulled together to help victims but with disaster often comes disunity over determining the most efficient, effective and coordinated way to collect and distribute funds to those most in need.

The Lawrence Emergency Fund will provide a single source for accepting donations and dispersing aid to those agencies that can best help affected residents rebuild their lives. ECCF is proud to be able to provide this valuable service to the city of Lawrence.

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