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Uniting Essex County’s five Community Action agencies, we will educate and engage residents living below the living wage through a county-wide financial literacy education and one-on-one coaching empowerment program.

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Other partners in this work include community colleges, financial literacy providers, banks and community volunteers.

Our goals for Financial Coaching & Literacy:
  • Launch a sustainable program at five sites serving up to 250 participants each year.
  • Establish a financial literacy collaborative that has fully integrated program delivery, data collection and a reporting process focused on economic development.
  • Establish a sustainable community of practice to ensure excellence in service across all Essex County Community Action programs.


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Did you know?

Individuals without a strong financial literacy foundation borrow more money, accumulate fewer assets, and pay more in financial product fees finding them less likely to invest and more likely to have difficulty with debt.

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EEO: Financial Literacy Helps People Prep for the Future

Michelle Xiarhos Curran, ECCF Communications Writer PHOTO COURTESY OF COMMUNITY ACTION, INC. In Haverhill, low-income women – mothers who are working to support their children and families – are being empowered to take charge of their finances through an innovative...

Increasing Financial Empowerment Across Essex County

According to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, nearly two-thirds of Americans cannot pass a basic financial literacy test. This is problematic; individuals lacking a strong financial literacy foundation borrow more money, accumulate fewer assets and pay more in...

empowering economic opportunity

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“The partnership between our five Community Action Agencies that has developed over the past two years is truly a testament to systems work. When crisis struck during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to hit the ground running to support our clients.  There is a rhythm, a trust, and a true working relationship that is not born overnight.  We were hoping that the financial literacy program would create a system change — did it ever.”

-Kerri Perry, Community Action, Inc.


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