the carla trodella memorial scholarship fund

This fund is established to financially support young athlese, who have overcome immense challenges, too pursue higher education. The purpose of this fund is also to keep the memory and story alive of my sister, Carla, a disabled athlete and inspiration.

This fund is established in honor of Carla Trodella to not only keep her memory and spirit alive for many years to come, but for anyone that can draw strength and benefit from knowing Carla’s story.

Born with Spina Bifida, Carla fought to walk, compete and do anything others could do each and every day of her life, with never a complaint or “why me”. Carla always found a way to participate and to never be left out in anything she did. At Everett High School, Carla pursued interests in sports, managing the varsity softball team and swimming on the varsity swim team. She worked incredibly hard to graduate high school and to attend Regis College. At Regis, she continued to swim while she completed her Bachelor of Science degree. After college, Carla found her true love of wheelchair racing. She trained religiously, lifted weights and practiced daily. She participated successfully in many local races, sometimes being the first wheelchair racer to ever attempt and finish the race course. Carla completed and won the Boston Marathon Medley twice, consisting of her combined times from the Boston Half Marathon, 5K and 10K, all to prepare her for the big event- the Boston Marathon.

Carla’s Fund will benefit a local high school senior athlete, who has overcome an immense challenge, with a $500 grant towards furthering their education at a four or two year college, accredited post-graduate program or trade school.