spark academy fund

This fund aims to support special projects in our school that promote learning, enrichment, and further opportunities for our students. Examples of projects funded by this money include our after school enrichment program, which serves more than 150 students in extending the school day by 1.5 hours, materials for lessons that are high quality and engaging for students, funding field trips for students, hands on materials for labs and projects, and purchasing representative, engaging, and on level books for students.

Spark Academy was formed as a unique experiment in public education. as part of the Lawrence Turnaround project 11 years ago. Our founders believed that you could create a different model for how a school is operated – one that is a part of a traditional public school district while innovating with newfound autonomy and freedom at the school level. We believed you could create a school focused on academic rigor and excellence, while simultaneously honoring the needs of the whole child. Specifically, we launched a first of a kind model that integrated athletics and physical activity throughout the school day with a deep focus on learning. And finally, we believed that we could be a part of an unprecedented turnaround in the remarkable and resilient city of Lawrence, proving the possibility and potential that each of our young scholars holds.

We still believe in that potential, and we are proud of the accomplishments of our students and families, and the progress they have made. This money is pivotal in realizing this mission and in providing access to vital opportunities for kids.

$85 funds one week of after school tutoring for 10 students
$150 funds a trimester of supplies for an after school club
$320 funds one month of after school enrichment for 25 students
$1200 funds science lab kits for 150 students
$10,000 provides 1.5 extra hours of extended learning and after school enrichment for 100 students for an entire semester