PAWS project foundation

The P.A.W.S. Project was created in 2016 by 12 year old Molly as a way to give back in thanks for her two rescue dogs, Riley and Gracie. With a modest goal of $2500, Molly set out on a mission to spend one year raising funds, awareness, and spending volunteer time at shelters in New England. The project grew beyond her dreams, helping 14 groups and traveling to Georgia many times to help two of the groups that rescued her Gracie. At the end of one year Molly had raised $28,000, solicited over $40,000 of items from corporations, and facilitated the rescue of 79 dogs from high kill shelters.

She decided that she could not stop the path she was on, so in 2017 they joined the Essex County Community Foundation for non-profit. Now along with her mother, Mindy, they have created the P.A.W.S. Project Foundation to continue rescuing animals and supporting the existing shelter and rescue groups they have partnered with thus far providing fundraising, grant writing, and volunteer support. As of 2021 they have rescued 675 dogs and raised over $250,000 and they have no intention of stopping any time soon! They also started an amazing “PAWS for Pets” program which helps low income families in Georgia alter their pets so that more unwanted litters aren’t born, ending up in shelters often to be euthanized for space. Your donation can help save the life an animal who would otherwise have no hope for a future.