September 16, 2021
Strengthening your Nonprofit’s Financial Sustainability | October 13, 2021

Learn how a Nonprofit Fund can help your organization meet the moment for your communities.

Wednesday, October 13
8:30am – 9:30am
Virtual event

Nonprofit leaders have always been challenged to meet the needs of today while preparing to meet the needs of tomorrow. The COVID-19 pandemic has made these tasks more important and complex than ever.

Essential to preparedness is financial sustainability, and there are new strategies available to help organizations prepare to respond to their communities next time they are called. ECCF’s Nonprofit Funds are unique, cost-effective and efficient investment vehicles that can support your planning by….

  1. Bringing investment management and expertise while keeping you focused on your mission
  2. Accept complex gifts from donors to build your organization’s sustainability
  3. Connecting to targeted learning opportunities like complimentary access to ECCF’s Institute for Trustees

On October 13, we invite you to learn about ECCF’s Nonprofit Funds, created specifically to serve the medium to long term financial needs of nonprofits in Essex County. Join us for a 60 minute session to learn what a Nonprofit Fund is, how it works, and how your organization may benefit.

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