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YAR 2014 Committee

YAR 2015 Conference Committee

Jane Truesdell Ellis, Attorney, Chair

Hailey Granger, Pathways for Children, Co-Chair

Maria Avila, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Jessica BerryChildren's Law Center of Massachusetts

Christine Biscardi,  TCA/NFI

Julie Bishop, Essex County Community Foundation

Linnea Burrill, Department of Children and Families

Claire Crane, Salem State University

Matthew Doyle, Wediko Children’s Services

Michelle FyrerLahey Health Behavioral Services

Staci Gergely, Salem Juvenile Court

Hailey Granger, Pathways for Children

Pamela Gray, Department of Children and Families

Joan Henkels, Essex County Community Foundation

Kimberly Hutchins, Harborside Counseling Services

Kathy Moriconi, Essex County Community Foundation

James Retos, SAFE Project Institute for Health & Recovery

Linda M. Richards, Department of Mental Health

Olivia Silva, Danvers Police

Karen Wilk, Educational Clinical Consultant

Jacqui Williams, Department of Public Health, Retired, Volunteer