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Lights, Camera and a Thursday Worth Celebrating

Lights, Camera and a Thursday Worth Celebrating
Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday was a good day. Most days are, Dave says, but June 26 was particularly inspiring.  First, Dave arrived at the Community Day Charter Public School in Lawrence to meet with a very special philanthropist.

A mutual friend and long-time supporter of Community Day, this individual decided to create a substantial scholarship fund that will benefit eighth graders who want to attend tuition-based private high schools in Essex County. (More to come on that!) Both donor and ECCF believe that the step between 8th and 9th grade is vital. And this fund directly supports that transition. “By supporting them on their road to higher education, I’m confident this new fund can change the lives of many young people who might not otherwise have such opportunities,” Dave said.

From Lawrence, Dave hopped in his car and drove back to our Danvers office, sent a few emails and then joined the ECCF staff for our first ever field trip. He wanted to celebrate a great year at the Foundation. So after lunch at the old Lyceum Hall (now Turner’s Seafood) in Salem, Dave led the eight staffmembers and two summer interns down the street to Cinema Salem for a special screening of “This Perfect Place,” a 36-minute film made in Essex County that explores the beauty and natural history of the North Shore. Filmmakers Paul Van Ness, CinemaSalem co-owner, and Kristina Lindborg, author and historian, (pictured above with Dave) were even on hand to answer questions for the staff after the screening.













Ever the tour guide, Dave then walked the team (pictured here) past the Peabody Essex Museum, around the corner to the Witch Trial Memorial and through Salem’s great Farmer’s Market in Derby Square by Old Town Hall. In an Essex Art Center van generously loaned to us for the afternnoon ((Thanks, Guys!), the ECCF staff headed back to the office, thankful (again) for a good year indeed and a great place to live. Yes, Thursday was a good day.

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