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Advisers Get Moving with Marketing Meeting

Monday, June 16, 2014

What's the deal with e-books for organizations? Why bother with testimonials? And do we really need social media . . . really?

Ah, the digital world of marketing. On Thursday, June 12th morning (thanks to Jay Caporale for organizing it), 15 professional advisors crowded around the ECCF conference table to hear Al Getler, newspaperman-turned-digital-marketer, address these questions in his talk on “New Marketing.” This serious group of attorneys, financial advisors, and community leaders got a few good tips for navigating the virtual landscape and a few good laughs along the way! Yep, Al’s background in comedy came in handy during his presentation.

But before diving in to his lessons, Al offered some background on his company: Ellie on Wheels Media. Al named his marketing strategy and communication company after Ellie, his little beige Chihuahua. Born without front legs, the little creature zips around in a doggie cart with two wheels out front. Her courage inspired Al so much he thought it was the perfect name to get things moving for his business. 

So what big tips did Al offer in his multimedia presentation?

     •Put strategy before tactics. Identify your ideal client before you begin pursuing what you think to be the ideal client;
     •Publish educational content. Creating instructive content in the form of webinars or e-books builds your expertise. Other content, like "how-to's" and testimonials may seem unimportant but they deepen trust in your organization;
     •Live by the calendar. It's good to be flexible, but timely structure is key to marketing in the digital world. Use monthly themes to organize content and give your audience ways to organize information thematically.

Okay, what are we waiting for?

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