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The Wild Ride on ECCF's Board

The Wild Ride on ECCF's Board
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

As Monday night's board meeting came to a close, champaigne corks popped and tributes began for two members whose terms had just officially ended, Joe Grimaldi (r) and Michael Prior (l).

Joe joined the board in 2007 and served on the development and sustainability committee as well as board chair for two years. Michael began in 2006 and also served on the development and sustainability committee. That's a combined 15 years of service, with each attending 40+ meetings, dedicating almost 200 hours to ECCF business, and countless conversations in between! 

"You both came when ECCF was young and none of us were sure how things were going to move forward," said CEO Dave Welbourn as he toasted the two. "But your wisdom, commitment and ideas helped us grow in profound ways. We all know that the Foundation is having the impact it is today because of your influence."

Dave presented both men with glass blown bowls, each uniquely designed by Lowell artist Aron Leaman. "I've been inspired by how far we've come and the bold optimism of this group," Michael said. Joe agreed. "It's been a wild ride and I've enjoyed every minute of it," he said.

Glasses were raised in thanks to Joe and Michael for their outstanding service to Essex County with best wishes as they take on new adventures. Cheers! It has been a great ride.

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