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From the Airwaves to Andover's Caring Community

From the Airwaves to Andover's Caring Community
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

While some ECCF staff members were busy getting the campus of Endicott College ready for tomorrow's Youth At Risk conference, Dave Welbourn was getting make up.

He's not usually a make up kind of guy but this morning he was interviewed for a Comcast Newmakers television program at Suffolk University's Modern Theatre. The four minute interview gave Dave a chance to talk about the history and great work of nonprofits in Essex County. He also talked with anchor Jenny Johnson, a Marblehead native, about the power of collaborative giving and ECCF's many funds. The show will be aired in two weeks, so check back here to see how that make up worked for him.

Dave then drove from the studio to have lunch with Bob Needham, a financial advisor in Andover and chair of the board for Francisican Hospital for Children. Dave and Bob talked about the importance of building a qualified and committed board for the hospital, before moving into a crucial discussion about the challenges of providing special care for children with chronic illnesses. 

After lunch, Dave emailed ECCF's board members, met with an ECCF friend who stopped by the office, and called prospective boardmembers to talk about, what else? Collaborative giving, the exciting work of nonprofits and how to wash off make up on an otherwise typically busy day. 

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