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Interns Make Summer Splash at ECCF

Interns Make Summer Splash at ECCF
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

They could be at the beach or backpacking throughout Europe. Instead, college students Emma Gaquin and Carissa Collins are generously offering their talents and skills to ECCF as summer interns.


An intern with the Forest Foundation, Emma grew up in Essex County (Hamilton) and is now a junior majoring in public health at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Originally from Suffield, CT, Carissa is a senior communication arts major at Gordon College in Wenham and lives in Gloucester. Here’s what they said about why they chose ECCF over backpacking:

Emma Gaquin: “I think that working with ECCF this summer will help me learn about the world of nonprofits, and that definitely intertwines with my academic major and my interests in community service and community building! ECCF partners with local nonprofits whose positive impacts I have seen in surrounding communities my whole life. I'm excited to be a part of that positive impact and give back to the community of Essex County. “


Carissa Collins: "After years of wanting to do social media in a professional sphere, here I am! I’m looking forward to this internship for many, many reasons. The best thing, of course, is being on board with an organization that does meaningful work in the local area. Nonprofits help people in lasting and tangible ways. I can’t wait to apply my love to social media, writing and all things digital to help promote the great work ECCF does daily.” 


So now you've met them. In between your summer fun and beach time, we hope you'll check back with us to see what else these two are up to at ECCF. And watch for their blog posts here as well!

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