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Stamp Out Hunger, One Bag at a Time

Stamp Out Hunger, One Bag at a Time
Thursday, May 22, 2014

On her way to work today, Julie Bishop, ECCF’s VP of donors and services, dropped off a bunch of these extra bags to Beverly Bootstraps and the Open Door in Gloucester. (These are her arms holding up the bag—she’s a little camera shy!) The two food banks are part of the 60 organizations that make up ECCF’s Hunger Relief Project.

Along with corporate sponsor EBSCO of Ipswich (thank you!) who printed 185,000 of the bags, the Hunger Relief Project partners each May with the National Association of Letter Carriers to use the bags for their annual food drive. Carriers put an empty bag in your mailbox and collect a full one to drop off at local food banks.

It's a great community effort, stamping out hunger in Essex County, one bag at a time.

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