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ECCF Nonprofit Benefits Projects

ECCF Nonprofit Benefits Projects
Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploring group benefits options to save nonprofits money

One of ECCF's goals is to create economies of scale to help nonprofits save money. We are currently looking into two new projects to offer nonprofit organizations ways to save on overhead costs. Here are the two projects under consideration:

  • Expanding our group health insurance benefits. Expanding our group insurance offering entails creating a purchasing cooperative plan. A purchasing cooperative plan can save premium costs by combining the numbers of individuals from different organizations to reduce the cost for all. The number needed to create a cooperative is 1000 individuals.
  • Creating a group retirement plan. We are at early stages in assessing this possibility and your input would help us determine if the project is feasible.

We have created a survey for nonprofit leaders to complete on behalf of their organization. This survey will help us gauge the level of interest and ascertain the range of needs in the nonprofit community. If your nonprofit organization is located within Essex County and did not receive the benefits survey via email you can access it here, www.eccf.org/benefits-survey. We welcome your participation. The more nonprofits that join together to create economies of scale the more we can be efficient and save money for all. The form will be closed to further submissions on December 31st.
Any questions about the projects, please contact Susan Perry at  s.perry@eccf.org. Any questions about accessing or submitting the form, please contact Jonah Ruh at j.ruh@eccf.org.

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