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One giant leap for Impact Essex County

One giant leap for Impact Essex County
press release
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Advisory council discusses collective impact; begins to narrow focus


If money grew on trees, Essex County – rich in green space – could fund all of our philanthropic endeavors.


But until those financial forests grow, we need to come together as a community to set priorities. This has been the task of the advisory council for Impact Essex County, Essex County Community Foundation’s community leadership initiative aimed at improving the quality of life for the 750,000+ residents that call Essex County home.


On May 17, the Council – made up of legislators and community, business and nonprofit leaders committed to bettering our entire region – gathered at the ECCF offices to discuss the challenges facing Essex County, specifically the ones on which we can have the greatest collective impact.


The robust discussion – focused on a handful of Essex County’s major challenges – leads us one step closer to our goal: raising $10 million and moving the needle on one or two local issues affecting our residents. 


But without a county government to think more broadly, Essex County needed a team focused on solving issues that cross town and city lines. With this advisory council, ECCF has assembled a group of some of the most forward-thinking leaders dedicated to creating a regional impact.


“Your willingness to take off your hat, and think big has been very beneficial,” ECCF President and CEO Dave Edwards told the Council at the meeting.


The next step is for the Council to begin to delve deeper into the issues that rose to the top of the discussion at the May 17 meeting. ECCF hopes to announce final focus areas by fall. 


For more information about ECCF’s community leadership initiative, Impact Essex County, visit www.impactessexcounty.org.

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