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ECCF partners with LetsAllDoGood

ECCF partners with LetsAllDoGood
press release
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Danvers, Mass – Essex County Community Foundation today announced its partnership with LetsAllDoGood, a new app that connects causes directly to supporters on their smartphones.

Last month, LetsAllDoGood launched in Boston with 10 nonprofit partners and has recently announced its partnership with another 15 Boston area organizations.

"The majority of our supporters use smartphones to stay connected with almost every aspect of their daily lives, including the philanthropic causes they care about," said ECCF's Vice President for Philanthropy Julie Bishop. "We're really excited that LetsAllDoGood is providing us with an almost effortless way to reach our supporters and keep them up-to-date on all of the things ECCF is doing to make an impact in the community."

The LetsAllDoGood app (iOS) is now open and available to any nonprofit within New England

“Partnering with organizations such as Essex County Community Foundation represents our momentum in the Boston market. We see the continued need for nonprofits to reach supporters on their smartphones, where they’re spending their time,” said LetsAllDoGood Founder Greg McHale. “We’re delighted to offer our platform to any nonprofit in New England to help support organizations dedicated to making a difference in their communities.”

Essex County Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Essex County’s 750,000 residents, recently launched Impact Essex County, a multi-phase community leadership project that will ultimately raise $10 million in funds to tackle the region’s biggest challenges.

“We are especially thrilled for the opportunity to use this groundbreaking app to share news of our community leadership project as it continues to unfold,” said Bishop. “We are confident that Impact Essex County is going to change lives, and we look forward to using LetsAllDoGood to engage ECCF supporters and community partners as it progresses.”


For causes – Reaching supporters on their smartphones quickly and easily with rich, engaging content is a requirement. With LetsAllDoGood, any cause organization can keep supporters up to date on their latest news, events or volunteering opportunities. Content can feature pictures and video for great storytelling. It’s remarkably simple; fill in a form, click, publish and supporters will receive a rich push notification on their smartphones. It’s as easy as typing – anyone in the organization can use it, including an intern or volunteer. Nothing will ever get lost in an email inbox again.

For supporters – Every cause supporter has experienced it - the frustration of missing something important from a favorite nonprofit, the forgotten event, the lost email, the flyer in the child’s book bag that is undelivered. Connecting with a favorite cause is simple – download the LetsAllDoGood app, favorite the cause (or causes) that matter, and in the home view see their latest, news, events and volunteering opportunities. Receive a push from a favorited cause - tap an item and learn more, look at the pictures or watch the video, share it to Facebook or add it to the calendar.

For businesses – Supporting local causes is an integral part of many businesses, as helping the community they serve ensures a healthy community that benefits all. Today, consumers expect local businesses to do good. And it can be an important differentiator if it gets enough visibility. With LetsAllDoGood, cause organizations can recognize and reward their business sponsors by including them in their communications. This gives those merchants a platform to share the good work they are doing and helps them attract new customers who prefer doing business with companies who are giving back.


About LetsAllDoGood

LetsAllDoGood enables any cause, nonprofit or community group to connect with their supporters on their smartphones with rich, actionable, engaging content. It’s remarkably simple. It’s free for causes and consumers. The LetsAllDoGood app for iPhone is available in the App Store (Android coming soon). For more information, please visit www.letsalldogood.com.

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