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Letter to the Editor: A Century of American Giving

Letter to the Editor: A Century of American Giving
Monday, November 17, 2014

In honor of the 25th Annual National Community Foundation Week, Jay Caporale, ECCF's Executive Vice President & Director of Philanthropy, wrote the following letter to the editor of several area newspapers. It was published in The Salem News, The Eagle Tribune and The Gloucester Times.  

Dear Editor,
Here’s some good news: it IS possible for people to work together. At Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF), we know that philanthropists, nonprofit directors, and community leaders across our county come together every day to find solutions to our region’s greatest needs.

For 100 years, community foundations have worked together to address change in our communities. Since Nov. 12-18 is National Community Foundation Week, we want our neighbors to know about the good work happening where we live. 

ECCF in Danvers is one of more than 700 community foundations in the U.S. working collaboratively with community, state, and national partners to solve some of our toughest challenges – in education, healthcare, job training, poverty, natural disasters, and more.

The purpose of ECCF is stated in our mission: Essex County Community Foundation promotes philanthropy and strengthens nonprofits serving the people of Essex County. Through our donor and scholarship funds, we award much needed grants to nonprofit organizations and deserving students across the 34 towns and cities of Essex County.  In other words, many of your children’s classrooms have probably received new technology because of an ECCF grant. Or your food pantries benefitted from ECCF partnerships.

ECCF’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence strengthens nonprofits by providing training and education for board members and nonprofit leadership.  It’s likely that the leaders of your favorite nonprofit—i.e., animal shelter, museum, land conservation, youth arts program—received training at our annual Institute for Trustees or one of our many workshops.

Through collaborative giving, convening and education, ECCF is focused on enhancing the quality of life for all of Essex County. This week, please join us in spreading the good news: community foundations really can bring people together to address the needs of our neighbors.  Visit our website at www.eccf.org.

—Jay Caporale, Executive Vice President & Director of Philanthropy

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