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A Top Ten List For Celebrating Our Community Foundation

A Top Ten List For Celebrating Our Community Foundation
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ECCF’s CEO is a multi-tasker. Whether on the phone, over email, or in his letters, conversations or meetings, Dave Welbourn can’t help but communicate the message and story of ECCF. And because we're celebrating the 25th Annual National Community Foundation week, we thought it was a good time to ask him to reflect on just what he says about ECCF. Call it Dave's Top Ten List for Celebrating ECCF. Here's what he said:

10. Collaborative giving and working together is part of our history. 400 years ago settlers in Essex County had to help each other with barn raisings and harvesting fields. Today’s nonprofits are part of that heritage in taking the initiative to help our communities. (Community foundations, which began in 1914, now include over 700 around the world.) 

9. Caring for people other than ourselves makes us part of something bigger. ECCF started with this vision and gathered people regularly around the question: What can we do together that we can't do alone?

8. ECCF’s family of fund holders spots a need and seeks to meet it. From providing grants to improve classroom instruction to addressing community emergencies, together, we offer real solutions to real problems.

7. We expect life to be better for everyone across our county, and so ECCF’s impact is felt in all 34 towns and cities.

6. We don’t back down on improving the quality of life for everyone and in finding creative and innovative paths to fulfilling this goal. (Sometimes we even write blog posts on this.)

5. Prosperity is a result of hard work. As part of last year's great report, 22 new donor advised funds expanded our impact, and just last month three more funds began that invest in youth development.

4. We teach each other and create wise leaders. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence offers training to board members and nonprofit leaders through workshops and the annual Institute for Trustees. (Mark your calendar now for next year’s Institute: March 28, 2015!)

3. We encourage lifestyles of generosity, which means being generous with our wealth, time and volunteering as well as with our families, friends, neighbors, and community. 

2. ECCF partners with a range of nonprofits across the county (see our cool nonprofit directory!) to create stronger schools, protect women and children from domestic violence, celebrate the arts and land, provide food and shelter to our neighbors who go without, and a whole lot more.

1. Through our philanthropic and nonprofit partnerships, ECCF helps save lives across Essex County.

With these many good reasons to celebrate ECCF, no wonder Dave is so good at multi-tasking!

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