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Back by popular demand, forum offers tips on running nonprofits

Back by popular demand, forum offers tips on running nonprof
Boston Globe
Sunday, March 20, 2011

It might sound like a less-than-exciting way to spend a warm spring Saturday. But this Saturday, about 300 Essex County nonprofit board members will get together in Hamilton to learn about topics like fiduciary responsibility and donor retention.

They say the Essex County Institute for Trustees helps them keep the area’s arts groups, food banks, and other nonprofit organizations running successfully in difficult financial times.

“It has been tough, and a lot of people come to these types of events to see if they can generate some ideas,’’ said Peter Konrad, a board member at Danvers-based Strongest Link AIDS Services Inc., who also attended last year. “It’s a good networking opportunity, it’s a good learning opportunity, it’s an energizing opportunity.’’ Read article...

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