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Greater Lawrence Summer Fund

Greater Lawrence Summer Fund

The Greater Lawrence Summer Fund (GLSF) was founded in 1990 by Betty Beland, former administrator of The Stevens Foundations and founding board member of ECCF. The Community Foundation assumed administration of the fund in 2001.

The Greater Lawrence Summer Fund focuses on closing the opportunity and achievement gaps for thousands of low-income youth each year in the Greater Lawrence communities of Andover, Lawrence Methuen, and North Andover by providing enrichment activities during out-of-school time. For over 25 years, the Fund has supported high-quality summer programs that:

  • Enhance social, academic and emotional abilities
  • Discourage unhealthy behaviors by providing safe alternatives
  • Reduce summer learning loss, which has been shown to widen the achievement gap between low-income youth and their more affluent peers

The GLSF program was modeled after the Associated Grant Makers’ Summer Fund in Boston. Each year ECCF and the Greater Lawrence Summer Fund Committee members raise funds from other foundations and individuals to support current year programs. The Committees review proposals from nonprofit organizations and awards grants to support a variety of well vetted programs.

As a collaborative fund, GLSF offers a range of advantages to funders and the agencies GLSF supports:

  • Donations are pooled for maximize impact.
  • Donors can confidently give to the Greater Lawrence Summer Fund, knowing that ECCF has reviewed each application and organization. Members of the GLSF Committee also visit or speak to each applicant to determine the strength and impact of their programs, before making distribution decisions.
  • Private foundations and service organizations are spared the labor-intensive work of reviewing applications from multiple agencies.
  • Agencies submitting proposals to GLSF are spared the staff costs and uncertainty associated with applying to multiple funders for support of their summer programs.

The Stevens Foundations continue to provide lead funding for GLSF, which annually provides summer opportunities for thousands of low-income, underserved children in Greater Lawrence. In 2015, 43 organizations were awarded $310,600 in funds. A total of 59 foundations, individuals, corporations and service organizations participated as donors and over 5,000 children participated in programs supported by the Greater Lawrence Summer Fund in 2015.

To learn more about applying for funding, click here.

2016 Greater Lawrence Summer Fund Committee

Sarah Caffrey Bachand, North Andover

Sandi Cannella, North Andover

Patricia Karl, North Andover

Holly Langer, Boxford

Josh Miner, Boxford

Mary Miner, Boxford

Pavel Payano, Lawrence

Dick Purinton, Byfield

David Sullivan, Salem

Pamela Yameen, Andover