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Fund Donation Page Form

Fund Donation Page Form

Please use the following form to provide us with the information needed to set up your Fund's donation page. Here is an Example Donation Page so you can see how information is presented. Please contact Jonah at webmaster@eccf.org if you have any questions about this process. Pages will take 2-3 business days to create and we will inform you once they are ready.

Please be general in your description and NOT include time senstive information such as references to 'this fall' or 'last year' etc. so as not to make the page out of date quickly. Thanks!

(Optional). The image can be a logo or photograph and will be centered above the name of your fund. Images can be any dimensions you choose but can be no more than 120KB in size.
Please include a description of your Fund including contact info if you want to enable people to learn more about your Fund.
In the example page linked to above, you will notice colored bars separating the sections of the page. You can specify what color you'd like these bars to be. Please enter the hex value of the color. The default is forest green.

We will include the following line below your description:

The [xyz] Fund is a charitable fund managed by the Essex County Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions regarding your online donation, please contact us directly at 978-777-8876 or email Michelle Pelletier at m.pelletier@eccf.org. Thank you!

We will send your donation page url to this email address once it is ready.
Maria Mahdasian, our Fiscal Assistant, will be receiving confirmations of all online donations received through this system. We recommend that you provide us with an email address of someone on your team to also receive donation notifications so that you can promptly thank your donors and keep tabs on the activity of your page. You may enter more than one email address.