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Nonprofit Benefits Survey

Nonprofit Benefits Survey

One of ECCF’s goals is to create economies of scale to help nonprofits save money. We are currently looking into ways to expand our group health insurance benefits and assess the feasibility of creating a group retirement plan. Please complete the following two-part survey to help us gauge the interest in and parameters of the projects.

Health Insurance Survey

We are looking into expanding the advantages of our group insurance offerings by creating a purchasing cooperative plan. A purchasing cooperative plan can save premium costs by combining covered individuals from different organizations to reduce the cost for all. The number of individuals needed to create a cooperative is 1000. The following questions will help us ascertain your level of interest to see if we should move forward with this project.

For example: April to April.

What are the monthly premiums for your

A focus group will entail meeting a few times at ECCF with an underwriter and insurance carrier to provide feedback and input in formulating the plan.

Retirement Plan Survey

Responses to the following questions will provide us with an initial assessment of what retirement benefits nonprofits in the county offer their employees. Your input will help determine if a group plan is feasible.

Not including costs paid into it by participants.
A focus group will entail meeting a few times at ECCF to help provide feedback and input in formulating the plan.
In a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP), employers would share fiduciary responsibility with the vendor and eliminate most organization-level administrative work except: • Submission of initial employee census data • Collection and submission of employee contributions • Annual submission of year-end employee data

Thank you!